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New Beginnings …

A first blog post is, I reckon, supposed to be a manifesto of sorts. What the blog will be all about and why the author writes. There will be no such proclamations right now; I figure the title speaks for itself. It’s too hot and humid to care about such conventions and the fact that I have been drinking some rum makes me rather nonchalant about what is the norm.

I created this space a while back with the intention of getting back to writing – I had outgrown the blog I had before and I missed the feedback and back and forth that used to go on in the comment section and via email. So. I decided not to delete the blog I had because I am still really attached to it and instead start fresh (not really, I deleted some blog posts that well … those are stories for another time) with something that was more representative of who I am right now.

The only thing to say now is that it’s hot as hell, Summers in the south are no joke especially in the middle of a drought. Also, MJ passed away a few days ago and it’s impossible to get away from all the tributes and stories and conspiracy theories. What I will say is that he was positively an inescapable and irrefutable music icon for an audiophile such as myself. One of the earliest memories I have is of my cousin who was living with us at the time making me perform “Bad” for her friends when I was about four years old and then wondering what the big fuss was about. All the radio and TV  stations have been playing his music non stop and he really was one of a kind – I was kind of in denial and shock until I saw this picture that just totally hit it home for me …


That someone left their ballet shoes there, probably as a tribute to how inspired them to dance truly moved me. The celebration of his life is totally amazing, I’m sure everyone wants to be remembered in this way when they die – a remembrance of their life and total joy and happiness as far as their legacy is concerned.

Not yet perfection sums up a whole lot. That I may make mistakes over and over and change my mind from time to time. That perfection is a life long process that few, if any, ever achieve. That the flaws in us all are but a tiny part of what make us awesome. Then again, it’s hot and I’m drunk – maybe this is not the time for deep reflective thoughts.


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