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Spring Awakening/Environmental Fundamentalism

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I’m most definitely a sunshine kind of person. Well, that kind of goes without saying considering I grew up in a tropical country but still. It’s been officially spring in my neck of the woods for the past couple of weeks and I’ve got to say I’m loving it. When the sun is out its actually warm and you don’t feel cheated cos you have to wear layers and layers of clothing. My coats and sweaters can go into storage until at least November. And I must be one of those people whose mood is dependent on nice sunny weather because I’m no longer a grouch and I wake up, see signs of the sun starting to rise and just get excited. Ah, good times. I’ll enjoy them until the dreaded summer heat comes and with it soup like humidity and mosquitoes the size of humming birds. But I’ll take sunshine over the cold weather any day. And yes, I am aware that what I refer to as the dreaded winter is actually not that bad since it doesn’t snow around here lakini y’all will need to cut me a break – my genes are not conducive to cold weather at all.

And one thing I will be especially happy to see and end to is the whole “it’s so cold, that means that global warming/climate change doesn’t exist!” and so on and so forth to the point where I was seriously restraining myself from smacking certain people.

Here’s the truth – I’m going to judge you if you declare random shit like that and act like you just uncovered some great conspiracy. Climate is not the same as weather. And if you were going to “expose” that kind of thing don’t do it by ignoring all scientific fact and saying you’re right cos you feel cold. I’m going to put you in the same category as people who claim man and dinosaur walked the earth together a la the Flintstones. Or those who would say that the earth is flat just because they look out and see the horizon despite all evidence to the contrary. Or ati cos the sun rises in the east and sets in the west that it revolves around the earth. You don’t know how many people I know in real life that have astounded me by sticking to their guns and gave weak excuses like “I saw on Fox News that Al Gore is a fraud”. Ama going through my feed and finding that someone who I was having a blog crush on (you know, because I absolutely love their writing) would post a pic of snow and say that that’s their proof. Not funny or edgy people. It’s just plain daft and if that makes me some sort of environmental fundamentalist (a term someone used to describe me which amused me greatly) then so be it.

I wont even go into the people who say they got their info from a forward. It’s like really? Those same forwards that claim that if you send a certain email to all your contacts Bill Gates will give you some of his millions? Or the same ones with requests from African royalty to help them stash their cash? …. I cant even. No. Just No.

Anyway. Here’s to spring, sunshine and happy days.



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Switching off my Brain/Mmm, Eye Candy

First it was the flu. Thoughti could soldier through until I was informed that it was impolite to be out in the general public while I was still contagious. By the way, that comment deserved its props – it was the nicest and yet most passive aggresive way for someone to say “You with your dripping nose, plague like cough and gross germs. Stay home!” And its because the way the world works, I missed out on a whole lot of stuff that week. You know the way you have random plans with people and they never quite come together because of one thing or another? The week I was home bound decorating my room with tissues and covered with the alluring scent of Vicks is when folks went out and did all the fun stuff and I was stuck hearing what a great time they all had. Even after I convinced them the way suckage and boredom would ensue cos I wasn’t around. Wasaliti! Love them to bits but Judas’ must be called out once in a while.

After I was able to have a conversation without sneezing all over the place and coughing there was the invitation for a dinner party and i figured i would make up for lost time. Exactly half the attendees got the runs and I was part of that unfortunate group – I think my immune system just wasn’t strong enough despite the conspiracy theory going round that we were poisoned, blah blah evil eye etcetera.

So. my brain now being scrambled from trying to play catch up for the past few days all I’m thinking about is bed. That and a cup of Milo. Nothing much to say otherwise, apart from why in the world would there be a big red X covering up these two gorgeous men? I dont care what it stands for, let the gorgeousness be … beheld? Is that a word? Whatever. Just look at them cos wow.

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