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Switching off my Brain/Mmm, Eye Candy

First it was the flu. Thoughti could soldier through until I was informed that it was impolite to be out in the general public while I was still contagious. By the way, that comment deserved its props – it was the nicest and yet most passive aggresive way for someone to say “You with your dripping nose, plague like cough and gross germs. Stay home!” And its because the way the world works, I missed out on a whole lot of stuff that week. You know the way you have random plans with people and they never quite come together because of one thing or another? The week I was home bound decorating my room with tissues and covered with the alluring scent of Vicks is when folks went out and did all the fun stuff and I was stuck hearing what a great time they all had. Even after I convinced them the way suckage and boredom would ensue cos I wasn’t around. Wasaliti! Love them to bits but Judas’ must be called out once in a while.

After I was able to have a conversation without sneezing all over the place and coughing there was the invitation for a dinner party and i figured i would make up for lost time. Exactly half the attendees got the runs and I was part of that unfortunate group – I think my immune system just wasn’t strong enough despite the conspiracy theory going round that we were poisoned, blah blah evil eye etcetera.

So. my brain now being scrambled from trying to play catch up for the past few days all I’m thinking about is bed. That and a cup of Milo. Nothing much to say otherwise, apart from why in the world would there be a big red X covering up these two gorgeous men? I dont care what it stands for, let the gorgeousness be … beheld? Is that a word? Whatever. Just look at them cos wow.


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Bits and Pieces

bbb289108Cancelled my plans for the afternoon cos it looks like it will rain … ok, that’s just an excuse to stay in. I need a day alone where I can just chill in my jammies and do a few things before the weekend is up. Not to mention today is not one of the days where I can even pretend to be in the mood to socialize so some time by myself is most welcome.


Most adorable thing I’ve seen this week: 3 year old talking to her mother on the phone “Look mommy, I made you a picture!” *plonks phone down on said picture* “See? Do you like it?” My ‘awwwww’ could be heard around the world.


Statement that thoroughly amused me this week – “I need to get banged like a screen door in a hurricane.” Going through a dry spell will do wonders for an individual when it comes to painting a picture.


Wooooi, me and my Wendy issues. They don’t seem to be going away fast enough. But I am proud of the fact that I can now glance at my phone and hit the ignore button without feeling like I’m doing the wrong thing or that I’m a bad person. People looking to be reassured about shit in the middle of the night will either have to start paying a shrink or find someone who will indulge them. Like I was discussing with someone earlier this week, any relationship in life goes two ways. Even me I have my own shadow to reattach. I must say though, it felt kinda strange but I’m at the point in life where I have to start drawing lines and not let anyone erase them just because they claim they love me.


Men need to understand that some things women will talk about. If you are handsy with your girlfriends pals and attempt to force massages (and other things) on them that story will get back to her and explanations about how you are just “friendly” will lead to telenovella like conclusions. If its one thing women hate its to be disparaged and condescended to. Its not worth making her feel stupid just so you can save face, sometimes shit just hits the fan and all you can do is wait for it to be over.


This 50 cent song already has guys lifting lines off it to use on women. Its like really? Seriously? Telling a woman that you will fuck her like a porn star is not endearing or cute, its creepy. And you are not the only bright spark yelling out “have a baby by me baby!” I’m starting to think that these kind of dudes do these things just to be annoying cos no way does acting that way make the ladies come flocking. It’s amazing how many guys there are out there okay with acting in a way that makes them seem like the S.I unit of sleaze.


Musical obsession of the weekend = Telephone by Lady Gaga and Beyonce, especially since someone was kind enough to send an mp3 of it to my inbox. It will be on repeat until I find something else to replace it with but for now I’ll be turning up the volume and letting it rearrange my heartbeat for the next few days.


I was discussing Twilight (I know some of you reading this want to skip this already, don’t! I didn’t become a fan all of a sudden) with some people and this joke came to mind – Q: What did the lesbian vampire say to her girlfriend? A: See you next month. Its hilarious how there exist people who get more grossed out than I do, and that’s saying a lot. After a few anecdotes about crime scene sex and how one gets their red wings (if you don’t know, google or figure it out) and we got back to discussing the movie/books I’m still perplexed as to why everyone is obsessed with vampires. Its one of those things I may never understand.


With the long week ahead of me I’m sad its Sunday afternoon already – cant the week start a few days late? Sigh. I guess its time for me to stop randomly blogging and actually get down to business.


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Destination: Procrastination

Just one of those days when I’m too tired to do anything to do anything else. The cow has refused! So I’m just going to drop a bunch of random links here and see where it takes me.

First, my obsession with generic soft rock bads continue. I don’t care if they are all carbon copies of each other – whos heart doesn’t melt a little when you hear Parachute’s “She Is Love?”

People with no space in them for the little things in life that make them inexplicably weepy, that’s who. Looooove this song. It’s a good thing I mostly don’t listen to commercial radio. Someone I know feels about this song the way I do about Nickelback – a very strong urge to just scream to drown out the shit music.

I’ve only ever liked the acoustic version of this song. The version on radio is pretty underwhelming, but this … this makes me want to go for one of their concerts. I adore going to see live music. Maybe I’m drawn to this cos I have a thing for tatooed men playing guitars. Either way, another song I’m obsessed with this week.

Speaking of tatooed men playing guitars, this proposal at a Jason Mraz concert left me all teary eyed. Not just cos it was sweet … ok, cos it was sweet. I love hearing stories about how people get proposed to and find it too awesome. Pretty strange for someone who is not too keen on the idea of being put on the spot like that in public and plans to elope to avoid the hassle of planning a wedding.

Aah, Jason. Ever since I heard that Butterfly song of yours … wacha tu. Ahem! Where was I?

What if you want to say no? You are the bitch who turned down a perfectly good man in public (wouldnt be surprised if people scowled and started booing). Then you say yes even if you don’t want to and then trouble begins. Even if one did say yes, there is something about all that attention on me at one time that makes me cringe even thinking about it. I may have my moments of being out there but I’m usually an introvert. I guess getting weepy at these kind of things is my way of living vicariously through others.

What is it about Matchbox 20 songs? I don’t know, but this song … sigh.

And, that leads to Smooth,  a song I will always adore cos someone told me that song reminds them of me 🙂 (hey, I never said anything about NOT being vain)

Okay, that’s enough babbling for one day. Back to trying to be a productive member of society.

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