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Switching off my Brain/Mmm, Eye Candy

First it was the flu. Thoughti could soldier through until I was informed that it was impolite to be out in the general public while I was still contagious. By the way, that comment deserved its props – it was the nicest and yet most passive aggresive way for someone to say “You with your dripping nose, plague like cough and gross germs. Stay home!” And its because the way the world works, I missed out on a whole lot of stuff that week. You know the way you have random plans with people and they never quite come together because of one thing or another? The week I was home bound decorating my room with tissues and covered with the alluring scent of Vicks is when folks went out and did all the fun stuff and I was stuck hearing what a great time they all had. Even after I convinced them the way suckage and boredom would ensue cos I wasn’t around. Wasaliti! Love them to bits but Judas’ must be called out once in a while.

After I was able to have a conversation without sneezing all over the place and coughing there was the invitation for a dinner party and i figured i would make up for lost time. Exactly half the attendees got the runs and I was part of that unfortunate group – I think my immune system just wasn’t strong enough despite the conspiracy theory going round that we were poisoned, blah blah evil eye etcetera.

So. my brain now being scrambled from trying to play catch up for the past few days all I’m thinking about is bed. That and a cup of Milo. Nothing much to say otherwise, apart from why in the world would there be a big red X covering up these two gorgeous men? I dont care what it stands for, let the gorgeousness be … beheld? Is that a word? Whatever. Just look at them cos wow.


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Stupid Cold …

I shouldn’t have ignored the warning signs for as long as I did cos there is nothing worse than a cold sneaking up on you midweek and life is still expected to go on despite bleary eyes, tissues all over the place, nose dripping, body aching and generally feeling like shit. I just wish that the world wasn’t conspiring to slather me in hand sanitizer and then put me in a bubble. Ok, I haven’t heard anything out loud and I have seen no concrete plans but from the way everyone whips out those mini bottles with clear liquid in them when I even look like I’m going to sneeze I wouldn’t be surprised. My only comfort today has been my ginger tea with lemon and honey – I swear its like drinking a hug, nothing like it.

Since half of last week was a holiday there was lots going on and I do think that my over doing it on Wednesday, Thursday and part of Friday was the reason that my immune system was breached. Even spending the weekend in chill mode detoxing couldn’t help.  I think I have finally reached that stage in life when 2 hours sleep is not enough to sustain me for a jam packed 36 hours … tragic really. I had a good run while that period lasted though. It was totally fun, as far as Thanksgivings go this may have been the best one yet. Good food, good company, good times. There were lots of people from out of town visiting that I got to catch up with and I totally needed to let loose and enjoy myself a little before confronting the stresses of life.

During one of the get togethers I happened to bump into someone I used to have a total crush on a while back. It was ridiculous how I would react when this dude was in the room – flutters in my tummy, my hand would start flipping my hair with no prompting whatsoever from my brain, eyelashes would be batted … gosh. Let’s just say in my mind when he stepped into a room all lights dimmed, there was a spotlight on him and sexy saxophone music would start playing. Sometimes a smoke machine would be in full effect but those stories will be told later. I had a thing for him and I couldn’t even explain why, there was just something about him I found intriguing. Yes I know my love for trashy romance novels and cheesy movies is showing with my descriptions, it’s a thing with me. Just focus on the imagery and don’t dwell on these side issues.

Anyhoo. Thing is I met him this past week and there was nothing. Like absolutely nothing there. Not even a hint of the fireworks or anything. Just a normal everyday conversation between two people. It’s like all of a sudden the off switch was flicked for some reason or another. Is it that I have changed that drastically and quickly or was the haze of infatuation and lust that blinded me? Regardless, I found it very curious and so did he (I have been known to be an outrageous flirt when I put my mind to it and he wondered where our special banter had fizzled off to) but bygones. It’s just a reminder not to let the hormones dictate your life and to let your brain do the thinking, not other parts of you.

I had started off wanting to write about empathy and how I met someone who seemed to have none at all then as usual my mind wandered and my fingers started typing their own random things. Next time I guess – this cold of mine is making everything, even thinking and typing seem like such a big deal and making the thought of bed and blankets sound like the best thing ever. As a side note, for those who have not yet watched Shuga, go ahead and do so. Totally awesome though a shame that its only three episodes long. And for those who are wondering what all hey hype is about, just go in with no expectations like I did and maybe you will be pleasantly surprised.

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